Zoe Massoudi

Zoe Massoudi

With extensive corporate experience, Zoe’s expertise extends beyond coaching into sales, marketing, logistics, and trade. This enriches her business acumen, which she leverages in her coaching to instill a practical, real-world perspective. Zoe is adept at bridging the gap between individual potential and corporate objectives. As an ICF certified coach, her focus is empowering professionals to navigate challenges, manage stress, and maximize their potential.
Through Zoe’s expertise in systemic team coaching methodologies and various coaching models, she ensures an adaptable approach catering to diverse needs. Zoe strives to transform workplace stress into productivity, equipping individuals with tools for personal growth and self-awareness.
Zoe’s approach to coaching is rooted in active listening, probing questions, and reflective feedback within a safe and non-judgmental environment. Zoe prioritizes building trust-based rapport, crafting custom action plans that align with each client's unique needs.
A significant part of Zoe’s role is facilitating sustainable change for long-term success. By instilling a shift from stress to productivity, she enhances confidence and cultivate a thriving professional environment.
Partnering with Zoe allows clients to effectively navigate their current challenges while gaining the necessary skills for future success, ultimately maximizing their individual potential and contributing to their organization's goals.

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Zoe facilitates, trains and coaches in English, German and Farsi. She also speaks French and Italian 

Specialist Areas

Stress Management, Time Mastery, Confidence and Courage, Empowering Newly Appointed Leaders, Women in Leadership, Conflict Management, Change and Transition Management 

Corporate Experience

 Zoe has worked across a range of industries, including working across various industries, Including Retail, IT, Healthcare and Automative Care


  • April 2024 – MBA Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership (St York University)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Stress Management Consultancy Certification (IACT)
  • Execute Coaching Diploma (Academy of Executive Coaching)
  • Gender Diversity Executive Education (INSEAD)
  • Systemic Coaching Certification (Academy of Executive Coaching)
  • Co-active Coaching Fundamentals (CTI)
  • Coaching Core Essential Training Course (Coach U)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management (Fachhochschule Wedel University)