Tatjana Dragosavac

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• Tatjana works as an executive coach, mentor and trainer in Serbia and abroad. Her clients are leaders and senior managers from private and public sectors and international organisations.
• She has a uniquely gentle approach to facilitating clients' thinking during coaching sessions. She is relaxed and supportive and clients feel safe and encouraged to discover self-sabotage and recognize their potentials for desired success.
• She believes that coaching is the most effective way to reach the space where inner potentials, valuable goals, optimism and self-belief live.
• She lives coaching lifestyle, happily married and has three grown children.

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Tatjana coaches, facilitates and trains in Serbian, Croatian, English. 

Specialist Areas

 • She assists her clients best with: Interpersonal Relationships; Communication; Team Work and Cooperation; Stress and Conflict; Fear of Public Speaking; Excessive Emotional Reaction; Work-Life Balance
• Her coaching clients industries include: air traffic control, marketing, sales and wholesale, insurance, finance, public sector

Corporate Experience

 • For more than 15 years she has been working as a Trainer, Mentor, Business Coach and Business Consultant, in the education sectors - National Academy of Public Administration; Gilbert center Group; International Organizations -Council of Europe, EU, Regional School of Public Administration; Marketing and Corporate - Havas Adriatic, Pentaks d.o.o.;
• As a Business Trainer she conducts training on “Coaching Competencies”, “Leadership Coaching”, “Manager as a Coach”, “Self-Management”, „Conflict & Stress Management“;
• She collaborates internationally through various projects in the field of Human Resources in Bosna and Hercegovina and Montenegro.
• Now she works as a Trainer and Coach, in the EU project „Strengthening professional capacities of Senior Civil Servants in Serbia“. She is the author of the first Methodology for Coaches and Mentors Accreditation Procedures, in the Public Administration.
• She has been working as a CoachHub Digital Coach for several months.


 • 2022 – Certificate for completing Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Collection
• 2021 – Member of The Management Board of the Coaching and Mentoring Association of Serbia (CMAS)
• 2020 - EIA Coaching Accreditation at Senior Practitioner Level via the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
• 2017 -2018 – The Inner Game Facilitator (Timothy Gallwey Method); Milan, Italy; Copenhagen, Denmark
• 2017 – EMCC Assessor
• 2017 - Advance Business and Family Coach via the European Coaching Association (ECA)
• 2016 - Certified Wingwave Coach
• 2014 – 2017 - NLP Trainer and Coach (NLP Practitioner; NLP Master; NLP Trainer); The Coaching Academy, Belgrade; Leadership Coaching;
• 2010 – Training for Trainers on Coaching Competencies and Inner Potentioals (Experienced with applying the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)