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Book Reviews

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The Culture Builders, Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance by Jane Sparrow

Reviewed by Rosemary Cooper-Clark, Director,C C Consulting Ltd

Are you are involved in cultural change?  Are you preparing to lead a change programme?  If you are, this book will give you a practical approach - based on common sense and proven results.

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Liquid Leadership, by Damian Hughes

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Over lunch today three of us were talking about the links between leadership coaching and the world of sport.  It's not just alpha males who can relate to the goals, commitment and determination of sports people. 

We discussed the links between sports coaching and leadership coaching and how even sports coaches can benefit from coaches themselves.  The book that bridges the gap between these two worlds has to be Liquid Leadership by Damian Hughes.

Damian Hughes talks about working with Sir Alex Ferguson (from Liquid Leadership)

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Sun-tzu: The Art of War

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It's unusual for us to spotlight books where we're not interviewing the author at the same time, but I'm sure you'll forgive me when I point out that Sun-tzu lived around 544-496 B.C.  This book is known as "the most influential book of strategy in the world" - and worth reviewing for that reason alone. 

I urge the pacifist in you to walk around the title and focus on that word 'strategy' - rather than seeing this book as a way to start a war.  Look at it as an opportunity to think about being a more effective leader, create more successful strategies and understand better the world around us - and yes, including the competitors in your market-place.

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Adapt: Why success always starts with failure, by Tim Harford

Tim Harford is a UK-born economist with a gift for communicating the complex inter-relationships between economic and game theory, and human behaviour.  His earlier book, “The Undercover Economist” is a great favourite of mine, based on his weekly columns in the Financial Times. 

Harford also presents the BBC radio programme based on statistics, ‘More or Less’ and has been described as UK’s ‘Malcolm Gladwell’.

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Inspire - by Lance Secretan

RInspireeviewed by Lisa Rossetti, Positive Lives

The bookshelves of learning and development professionals are undoubtedly well stocked with books on Leadership.  What then distinguishes Inspire from others in this burgeoning leadership development genre?  I feel the answer lies in the word authenticity.

The knowledge and genuine passion of the author are apparent on every page, and the book is full of valid evidence from Secretan’s experience of developing leaders in a wide variety of fields.

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