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Bob Hughes, Forton Group CEO & Creator of the Leadership Book Club

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Bob Hughes PCC is the CEO, The Forton Group.  He works globally with clients to improve the way they lead and manage, such that organisations can be more successful and their people can feel more fulfilled in their work.

Intentional Leadership by Jane Kise - reviewed by Bob Hughes

1Intentional Leadership2 lenses for focusing strengths, managing weaknesses, and achieving your purpose.

I’m fascinated by the concept of personality type and yet sometimes despair of the oversimplified use of the idea and the inherent danger of constraining people rather than liberating them. Through this book, Jane Kise has created a pragmatic and expansive approach to how we make use of knowledge of our type, include some great links into emotional intelligence and neuroscience, and built-in some useful techniques to support leaders who want to make conscious choices about the impact they make the development needs this will require.

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Resonant Leadership: by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee

Bob Hughes CEO, The Forton Group

resonant leadership

The subtitle of this book is "Renewing yourself and connecting with others through mindfulness, hope, and compassion” which instantly drew me in.

Like its predecessor, The New Leaders/Primal Leadership, this book is a great mixture of good, illuminating stories, research, interesting theory, and practical tools and tips and exercises. Their approach fits in so well with our own here at The Forton Group - leadership is about developing and inspiring others as much as it is about getting the job done, and only by knowing yourself can you truly know others.


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The Servant Leader: by James Autry

Reviewed by Bob Hughes

servant leader

I first heard Jim’s compelling message on building and leading creative teams 15 years ago.  His message combines the inner world of the leader with the outer challenges of developing great team morale and improving bottom line performance.  We met and I told him how inspired I was by his message; I devoured this book – applying the methods where I could in the IT programmes I was leading and in working with my own team.

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