Why inclusive leadership matters

We regularly get asked "why does leadership development matter so much?"  

Is it for better management, or improving leadership styles, skills or qualities just for the look of it?

Better leadership matters, and effective leadership development makes a difference, for leading teams and better teamwork.  

It's about the best practical tools for day to day management, not leadership theories.  And everyone benefits.

This is why Forton focuses on inclusive leadership tools; because, for everyone to benefit, everyone needs to feel a part of the leadership culture.

What does effective leadership development mean?

Better working relationships, organisational credibility, improved performance and productivity; staff engagement and retention.  Leadership behaviours that benefit the bottom line - and society too. Productivity matters because it increases tax revenues, improves wages and raises living standards - for everyone.

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Infographic: the leadership value-add to productivity and the bottom line 

Productivity is measured by comparing growth in the outputs produced, to growth in the inputs used to produce them.  You'll find data sources, and links to further reading, below

The productivity puzzle infographic for effective leadership by the Forton Group

Infographic data sources:

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Infographic Designer, Shallu Narula 2015

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