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Corporate Coaching Services

Behind every great leader, chances are there’s a great coach

In a report*, all CEO respondents said they wanted a coach, to be at their best and deliver, and to grow others.Boards want CEOs to have coaches too, to work on delegation and skills that develop internal talent

Hire a great coach for -

♦ Leadership effectiveness
♦ Personal effectiveness
♦ Team effectiveness
♦ Business effectiveness

CEOs typically use coaches to improve-

♦ Delegation & decision-making
♦ Conflict management
♦ Team building
♦ Mentoring

Coaching is effective when you need to -

♦ Untangle complex issues
♦ Lead teams effectively
♦ Deliver on deadlines
♦ Grow your business 

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What does 'good' look like in an executive Coach?

  • Accredited, coach specific training
  • Recognised qualifications, (e.g. ICF)
  • Meaningful leadership or management experience
  • Committed to professionalism

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Some people who call themselves 'executive coaches' may actually come from a life-coaching, therapy or other background; we recommend that you check their experience and specific corporate and leadership coach training.

Our executive and leadership coaching services

Tailor your coaching programme to your objectives, your approach and your budget.  Talk to our coaching experts.  They'll propose a package priced to your needs - and suggest that you talk, without obligation, to 2 or 3 optional coaches; in this way, you stay in control of your choice of coach

Career & placement coaching

Find your direction, get that key job or promotion

  • Move on in your career
  • Develop your personal strengths and interests
  • Match your skills to the marketplace, so that you achieve your next step up

Get back into the workplace ; get placed quickly

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Sharpen up your CV
  • Improve your interview & networking skills

*Source: 2013 Stanford University Rock Center for Corporate Governance with The Miles Group

Performance coaching

  • Address performance, people, processes and systems issues
  • Work smarter, achieve more
  • It's not necessarily about longer hours or doing more
  • Have better, more effective, conversations
  • Get the best from the whole team

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Inter-cultural coaching

experienced executive coaches

Support overseas staff in new cultures and different ways of working.  Cultural attitudes to leadership, team working and personal responsibility can trip-up the unwary.

Great in the vital transition time: the weeks leading up to a move and the first 90 days in the new location.