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Specialist Leadership Development

Forton 4D Model

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Board level behaviours

The Board is a team, like any other.  Yet a team under greater pressures: of time, finances, regulation, and greater complexity.  This creates uncertainty, instability and incoherence in the top team.  

The nature of boards is changing, with more diverse representation, different thinking and new solutions.  This takes willingness, by the board, to envision a better tomorrow.

Lead with emotional intelligence (EQ)

EQ is a more accurate predictor of success than  IQ and there's a strong link between EQ and leadership. 

EQ training helps leaders optimise their emotions to improve decision-making, bring out the best in their teams, improve relationships and be more effective influencers.

Work with our experienced and qualified experts -

  • Executive and Leadership Coaches
  • Board Level Facilitators
  • Business Psychologists
  • Experts in Talent Management
  • Employee Engagement specialist

Employee Engagement

- the new psychological contract

Outcomes of high engagement

  • Productivity and profitability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Improved safety and health

Employee engagement is...

“...about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential.”

Listen to an interview clip with David MacLeod, co-founder of
Engage for Success here -

Specialist Research Services

We offer engagement and readiness-for-change surveys, and services to develop engaging leaders and managers.

“Thank you for an excellent workshop yesterday. It met our needs perfectly. I think we now have a team of Lean champions who are all fired up with lots of ideas together with the enthusiasm and some of the tools to implement them.”

Dr Marian Malone, 
Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Dynamic communications

A new world of dynamic communications is needed: a thousand everyday conversations, where people respond and get into action as a result of your words.

We work with board members, leaders, teams and groups to shape key messages, and engage their audience.

“Excellent to work with. Helpful, patient, understanding, they offered relaxed and invaluable advice. Their preparation and tips for filming removed my trepidation . They gave honest yet constructive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and most importantly I learnt a lot!”

N. Henry, Network Rail

Lean Leadership

Focus on value-add activities created by effective leadership at times of process improvement, change and transformation

  • Eliminate waste
  • Support active workforce engagement
  • Generate significant cost reduction
  • Focus on what really matters to customers and stakeholders.