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The must have management skillset: coaching

Today’s complex and hybrid world of work requires a more inclusive leadership style. Experts believe that coaching skills are now critical for leaders and managers to develop in themselves.

Upskilling leaders and managers to coach and mentor their people helps achieve high performance and grows a leader’s confidence to provide regular, developmental, feedback. Our ICF accredited Leader/Manager as Coach programme trains people in the skills, tools and context for coaching others in the workplace, as part of regular and easy conversations. Coaching and mentoring is often rated as one of the most useful interventions by the people being developed. Coaching can be life-changing as people feel properly listened to, understood and valued for their contribution.

Modern leaders need coaching skillsmanager as coach

In today’s volatile environment, good relationships hold the workforce together.

People join organisations but leave managers - because relationships matter.

Coaching can support

  • Better communication between managers and team members
  • Positive feedback and performance management processes
  • Training and study - combining learning and skills in practical ways

When organisations develop more coach-like, engaging managers, they address some of today’s fundamental challenges:

Unlock employee engagement

Improve productivity and performance

Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism

Achieve more effective team work

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Blended Learning: Three flexible modules

Self-paced E-learning, in-person interactive workshops and peer action learning. 

  1. Ignite - build practical coaching skills in a leadership/management context
  2. The Coach approach - apply coaching in everyday situations
  3. Positive Conversations - tools and techniques for better performance conversations

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Develop your coach-like leaders in these ways:

  • Manager as Coach: 
    Managers use coaching skills with their team, e.g. for the daily ‘huddle’, performance conversations, appraisals and team motivation activities, in formal and informal ways.
  • Peer Coach: 
    People coaching and mentoring across the organisation, e.g. to develop people with potential, support new projects and gain competitive advantage.
  • Internal or 'in-house' Coaches: 
    People with recognised coaching qualifications, delivering formal coaching e.g. as part of a management or leadership development programme

Leader/Manager as Coach Training Programme

Leader/Manager as coach: support your leaders and managers to refresh and develop their own coaching skills: for better performance conversations, everyday support and feedback and to improve the annual review process and provide developmental guidance. 

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Programme

ICF-CE_Level1_Color.pngLeader/Manager as Coach by Forton Coaching is accredited as a Coach Training Programme to Level 1, as part of our Professional Leadership Coach training programme.

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