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Personality Profiling with Type Dynamics diagnostic tools

Why use Type Dynamics

You may be familiar with a product called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  TDI is a similar, updated and more accurate version of that.  The Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) is the most up-to-date measure of Psychological Type. 

It captures the essence of Jung’s original thinking to provide a flexible yet penetrating assessment of a person’s personality. Underlying patterns are revealed by exploring the interaction of four dynamic preferences:

  • What attracts and energises us: Extraversion-Introversion;
  • How we see the world: Sensing-Intuition;
  • How we make decisions: Thinking-Feeling;
  • The way we manage the world around us: Judging-Perceiving.

New thinking about personality profiling

Personality isn't fixed.  It's develop-able and context-related.

As well as giving a sharp focus on the fundamental preferences, the TDI is designed to help people identify their most natural style.

This is based on the premise that a person may express their personality in different ways in different circumstances.

TDI offers "Is/Want" options - allowing respondents to rate their response according to how they see things today - and how they would like to develop tomorrow.

Use Type Dynamics assessments to:

  •     Develop your test-taking skills
  •     Find out more about your abilities
  •     Understand your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner
  •     Explore your personality preferences and how they relate to the world of work
  •     Find out about your interests and the kinds of work you may find appealing
  •     Find out what sort of work you may be best suited to

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