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EQ Profiling

In leadership development, betteDevelop EQ in leaders and teamsr team working and personal engagement with the world of work, it's now common knowledge that emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a vital factor in success.  The ability to choose and control our emotions.  To display empathy as we work with others.  When our relationships flourish, our productivity and personal performance increase. 

Yet understanding the way the emotional brain works alongside our logical selves is not enough.  EQ profiling and skills development go hand in hand.   Emotional intelligence is develop-able.  It's not fixed for life. 

The tools here will support you to develop your own EQ, the EQ of your leaders and managers, and the EQ of their teams.

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The message is simple, if you want to predict whether an individual or team will succeed, measure and develop their EQ.

Personal EQ Profiling

Leaders and managers are under greater pressures and demands in today's changing world.  Change is, itself, now the norm. 

How well we flex and adapt can be predicted through EQ profiling.  As can the ability of a manager to connect emotionally with peers and team members.  Our ability to influence others is also a predictable quality, related to EQ. 

By profiling emotional intelligence and tapping into strengths, you identify development areas too. 

At the Forton Group we work with models that support and develop resonant leadership styles for more emotionally-intelligent leadership development.

Measurable results

You'll see the difference that a positive EQ environment can have in a number of ways:

  • Better communications
  • Less sickness and absenteeism
  • Increased personal and team performance
  • Better health & safety
  • Improved employee engagement scores

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Team EQ Profiling

It's hard not to sound evangelical when talking about EQ.  But today's world of work relies upon the quality of our relationships.

“Workaday frustrations and passions – boredom, envy, fear, love, anger, guilt, infatuation, embarrassment, nostalgia, anxiety – are deeply woven into the way roles are enacted and learned, power is exercised, trust is held, commitment formed and decisions made.  Emotions are not simply excisable from … organisational processes; they both characterize and inform them.”

Prof. Stephen Fineman (2000)

Developing a Team EQ profile supports an understanding of how the team actually works and their development needs.

Two key elements of team EQ are 'sociability' and 'solidarity' (the Goffee and Jones model).  Some teams need, and value, emotional intelligence more highly, while others less so. 

If a team culture requires high emotional intelligence but team members don't display those skills, profiling and skills development may be the answer.overview of EQ in teams

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Profiling & Development Options

Self-assessment, 360o, and Team

 We'll work with you to identify which EQ profiling tool is most appropriate for your needs.  We can integrate the tool into our online Learning System and manage the process for you, with analysis and reporting.  

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Here at the Forton Group, our focus is on your Board, your leaders and your managers.  Developing emotional intelligence in your leaders will have the biggest positive effect on your people.

Our two-day programme 'Leading with Emotional Intelligence' is a practical, EQ skills development workshop that we can tailor to your needs.

Measuring impacts

One interesting outcome of a client project was measured by Gallup, who remarked that leaders who had attended a 2-day Forton workshop were not only in the top employee engagement scores in the organisation, but that they maintained those high scores over time.

Leading with EQ linked to Gallup employee engagement scores

We can work with you to identify and measure the impacts of your investment in EQ.

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