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Assessment tools to create a shared leadership culture

We recommend evidence-based assessment tools that are meaningful and easy to understand: that enable people to be more effective in their role as managers and leaders. Our assessments explore people’s strengths, talents, skills, potential and style.

Our recommended assessment tools


Download our information pack or download assessment tools flyers for - 

  • Leadership competence development for behavioural change - the Forton My360
  • Emotional intelligence assessment and development - EBW
  • Career development - COI
  • Personality type mapping - individuals and teams - TDI
  • Team and Leader development - for positivity and productivity - TLV
  • Culture change, reward and recognition - AQ

Profiling supports individual development and builds a better culture

  • Understand preferences and identify personality strengths
  • Explore how preferences can support people - and how they may work against them
  • Discover how other people perceive them

How we work with you

We listen to your business needs and objectives: transformation, change management, leadership development, employee engagement or talent management. We only offer the best package for your organisation needs.

  • We provide the best people to support the feedback and development phases.  
  • See our global associate base of 100+ trained, qualified and most experienced coaches
  • We work with you to manage programmes, monitor progress and provide you with ROI impact evidence.

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