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Mark Delvecchio

Mark D

Mark Delvecchio is a true leadership coach.

With over 15 years’ experience as a leader within the Book Publishing and Book Manufacturing sectors; Mark’s passion is to bring like-minded individuals together to create high functioning teams which support organizational objectives.

Mark has worked within client organizations and as a consultant where he has extensive experience in leadership coaching, organizational development, human resources, information technology, team building, leadership development and facilitation. Mark's accomplishments include significant improvements in productivity, shifting corporate cultures, team development and growth, and employee morale.

Mark is President, Pathway to Possibility Inc., a Toronto based coaching and consulting firm he established in 2010. As a business owner and professional leadership coach, Mark works with small to mid-sized business owners and leaders to support them to create their strategic business plans and integrate a coach approach into their organizations.  In working directly with leaders and business owners, Mark is able to provide clarity to support them in understanding their roles as entrepreneur, technician and manager and then how to transition from traditional transactional management into a true leadership role.