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Juan C Mejia

Juan Mejia

Juan’s coaching structure is a well-balanced mixture of ontological background with conscious business coaching. His main objective is to have his clients recognize their own inner power to design new possibilities and commit to different results. If it affects you, and you are not liable for it, it is your responsibility to amend it.
If you continue doing what you have being doing in the past (input), you will continue producing the same results you have obtained so far (output). Modifying behaviors (inputs) is the only way to modify results (outputs).
Juan’s line of work is focused on developing consciousness of the required inputs to produce the desired outputs.

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Juan can coach in Spanish and English.

Specialist Areas

Leadership, Communications Skills, Coaching Skills, Conflict Management, Difficult Conversations, Customer Service, Sales.

Corporate Experience

Juan has worked developing the necessary skills to achieve goals in: team leadership, effective communications, personal leadership, change management, sales, customer service,  coaching skills, feedback, crisis management, personal coaching.
He started his coaching activity in 2003 as an autodidact and later on he was certified by the ICF as an ontological coach. Later, he also received the certification from Axialent as Conscious Business Coach. He has 15 years of experience, working with top and midlevel executives, who were struggling with their required soft skills to successfully achieve their goals and manage their teams.
He has worked in great depth with financial institutions, insurance, oil & gas, telecommunications health institutions and service companies.  He has worked with C-suite leaders, team leaders, teams and whole organizations, achieving transformational results.
icult Conversations, Customer Service, Sales.


Conscious Business Coaching, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, 2,014
ICF, ACC, 2,010
Ontological Coach, New Field PROA, 2,009
Action Learning Foundations, NTL Institute, 2,008
Momentum Coaching, APC Legis, 2,003
MBA, Inalde, 1,999
BA, Universidad de Los Andes, 1,982