Jan Ramsøy


I have been a toastmaster, master of ceremonies, facilitator Emcee, and conferencier since my start at a spring ball in 1987. I am passionate about seeing the aha moments when people discover their purpose, or “gets” it or have a learning moment. I have holistic work/life inclusive focus who wants for people to know why they do what they do.
I have trained coaching and leadership with The coaching Training Institute (CTI), coaching with Forton Group, Strandska Utvecklingshuset, Performance Consultants International, Center for Right Relationship, Mind Gym and more.
I have most of my life since that spring ball in 1987 worked under the motto Bonum Hominum, Praemium Meum – The well being/fun for others (humanity) is my reward.
I create the high energy, humoristic, fun and safe learning space needed for learning and self reflection.

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Jan facilitates, trains and coaches in English, Swedish and Norwegian. 

Specialist Areas

 Negotiation Skills, Performance Management, Advanced Facilitation Skills, Change Management, Conflict Management, Remote Management, Coaching Skills, Communication Skills for Managers, Cultural Diversity, soft skills ie communication, consultative selling, presentation skills, sales leader coaching skills, public speaking, social skills, leadership, employmentship, sales etc.

Corporate Experience

 Facilitator, Trainer & Coach: 2003-. 1800+ Coaching hours, and experienced leadership, learning & development trainer and facilitator. Implementation, and delivery of leadership, learning and employee training programmes.
Experienced in multicultural, ethnic, diverse group delivery and dynamics.

Previous Roles: Mainly in sales, relationship building and service. Facilitator, Coach, Sales trainer, Sales coach, Service Level Manager, CEO, Business Consultant, Sales manager.
Military Service: Mustered out Second lieutenant. Green Beret in the Army Rangers. Life Regiment Hussars K3, Karlsborg, Sweden


Credentials, Qualifications & Professional Memberships 2012 - Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
2011 - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)
1994 – Business Administration, Economics and commercial law. School of Economics and Commercial Law, Gothenburg University. Sweden.