Our People

We deliver tangibly-better leadership to your organisation

Forton Group Consultants deliver the tools that equip leaders to deliver effectively, and raise standards of leadership in organisations.  We care about the quality of what we do and the results that our services generate; we partner with client organisations to enable them to -

  • Stimulate a leadership environment
  • Generate culture change on individual and organisational levels
  • Create coach-like leadership cultures
  • Identify, Assess and Develop people with high potential
  • Support effective transformation and sustainable change initiatives
  • Raise, and maintain, employee engagement
  • Support business partnering in enabling functions, e.g. HR, financial and shared services
  • Measure the success and return on investment (ROI) of development activities

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Our Services

The 4D Method - preparing for better leadership

Our services include consulting, research, diagnostic and psychometric tools, assessment and development centres, facilitation and training services.  The 4D method is a systematic process to ensure that, when you develop your leaders, you're using your resources systematically and effectively.  

We offer a method for you to measure your ROI, to demonstrate the lasting results and benefits from your investment, set out below.

Leadership Development Services

1. Define your leadership needs

If you need to define what 'good' looks like, use our research and consulting services.  You will better identify your organisation's high-level and strategic leadership needs, and design programmes to meet those needs. You can more easily pinpoint the return on investment (ROI) and impacts of your investment too.

Leadership Surveys

  • Employee Engagement tools
  • Impact of leadership development, coaching and other interventions
  • Return on Investment measures
  • Readiness for change research


  • Define strategic leadership needs
  • Plan leadership development programmes
  • Achieve your desired operational culture


  • Internal or external 
  • Qualitative or Quantitative

2. Discover your talent

We recommend a blend of these tools and services.

Psychometric Tools

Use the right tools for the job:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Profiling & 360o
  • Personality Profiling
  • Team Profiling

Assessment/Development Centres

Assess & develop against transparent frameworks:

  • Planning, decision-making
  • Leadership, emotional intelligence, teamwork
  • Oral presentation skills
  • Observed leadership competencies & skills
  • Group and individual exercises

Culture and Values

For improved employee engagement, explore:

  • Shared values & concerns
  • Competencies and expectations
  • Change & transformation

3. Development Services

Choose from over 200 topics from bite-sized workshops to year-long programmes, bespoke or off-the-shelf.  Tailored to your needs, we can provide taster sessions and short programmes, and qualification programmes accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and the International Coach Federation.

Sample programmes

Shorter Workshop Examples

  • Career, CV, Interview and Outplacement Skills
  • Build your Confidence
  • Develop your Strengths
  • Better Emotional Intelligence

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Level 7 Post-Grad Certificate in Strategic Leadership

  • Understand the specific skills of leadership
  • Leadership Behaviours
  • Leadership Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change & Transformation
  • Employee EngagementICF accreditationCMI accredited qualification programmes


4. Deployment services

Coaching support

Build an in-house coaching culture, to underpin your leadership development

  • Manager as Coach
  • In-house coach training
  • Coach supervision
  • Coaching Masterclasses
  • 1-1 coaching services
  • Team & Group coaching

Action Learning

We work with groups and teams to support peer learning, based on real-world work situations.

Strategic projects

Talented people benefit from projects that stretch them, individually, and as part of a team. We support clients to identify and deliver strategic projects.}

Coaching Services

We deliver individual, group and team coaching, through our international team of 100+ accredited coaches.  This includes:

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Outplacement Coaching
  • Shadow Coaching
  • Cross-cultural coaching
  • Coaching feedback for psychometrics and assessments

Coach Training

We deliver International Coach Federation coaching-skills training to professional standards through our global, 25 strong international faculty

        1. Ignite - Leadership Coach essentials; a great 'Manager as Coach' workshop too
        2. Level 7 PG Cert in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring 2 modules
        3. Certified Leadership Coach - 3 modules - great for in-house coaches
        4. Professional Leadership Coach - modules 1-4: the gold standard
        5. Live, online masterclasses to top up your skills
        6. Team-coach training
        7. Coach-mentor & Coach-Supervisor training
        8. Virtual Ignite or Certified Leadership Coach 
        9. Bridging Programme - for existing coaches