Our People

Our coaches, mentors, consultants, trainers and facilitators are chosen for their leadership and corporate experience.  

♦ Our Coaches specialise in leadership, career, placement & performance coaching

♦ Our Mentors  support your career development, by drawing on their professional experience

♦ Our Consultants are subject-experts on leadership, communications and change

♦ Our Trainers & facilitators support individuals, groups & teams

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Our People: what you can expect

Our people work to your brief and tailor leadership coaching and training programmes to your goals.

We work with the diagnostic tools your organisation already uses: leadership competency frameworks, profiling and behavioural assessments or 360º feedback.  

Or we can offer our range of affordable, yet rigorously tested and validated, psychometric and profiling services

Our strengths-based approach

We develop personal and corporate leadership capacity based on peoples' strengths, skills and experience, in areas such as

  • Your impact as a leader and manager
  • Your leadership styles
  • Your communication skills
  • Developing your team
  • Developing confidence
  • Performance and productivity

Choose your coach with confidence

Our people are all well-trained and qualified as coaches, trainers and facilitators, and uniquely experienced as leaders.