Assessment & Development Centres: the most effective way to identify and develop high-performance leaders


What are measurable 'high performance' leadership behaviours? Watch this 3' video and download this article about the Schroder High-performance behaviours

Tailored Leadership Assessment or Development Centre Events

Our assessment centre or development centre events are tailored to your needs by our experts, & typically combine -

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Inbox exercises
  • Presentations
  • Comprehensive follow-up
  • Impact Measures

Based on measurable high-performance leadership behaviours and emotionally-intelligent competences, our experienced teams evaluate and support candidates to grow their leadership skills, through workshops, group action learning, 1-1 and team coaching.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are a better selection intervention to help select for recruitment and promotion, and to sift and affirm people in the talent pool.

We support your programmes through design, delivery and comprehensive follow-up services to assess and develop your people for better

  • Board Level Behaviours
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Team Performance
  • Individual, personal and professional development

contact us to find out more about our development & assessment centre services

Contact us to find out more about our Development and Assessment Centre Services


Development Centres

When you need an objective process to support and develop your talent pool, development centres are ideal.  They are seen as a fair and transparent way to help participants get the most out of the exercise too.

All of which we rate against the Schroder leadership competence model, by our team of trained facilitators, observers and coaches.  We use a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) to provide consistent services and easy access for participants and administrators.

find out more about our diagnostic tools for the digital age

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Traditional 360 psychometric tools are very helpful; observed data is more objective.  Our approach delivers social feedback underpinned by professional support.

find out more about our approach to talent managementRead more about diagnostic tools for the digital age

The Leadership Zone

The Leadership Zone is the Forton Learning Management System.  It provides a single place for participants to register for programmes, learn online, share ideas with colleagues and upload assignments, documents and materials.  It allows you to keep track of progress, step by step, through your leadership programme.

Other services include -

  • Assessment reports of individuals and teams
  • Return on investment (ROI) surveys and reports
  • Supplementary coaching to support-
    • Learning Application
    • Personal Development Plans
    • Special Projects

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