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About the Forton Group

Award-winning, accredited programmes

  • Delivers lasting bottom line benefits: increased sales, cost improvements/ avoidance
  • HR cost benefits: Reduced recruitment costs; better retention rates; lower churn; higher quality succession
  • Operational benefits: Health & safety; regulation and conduct compliance; performance and productivity

People, leadership and teamwork benefits

  • Increased engagement, better buy-in to change
  • Improved working relationships, higher performance

Award-winning people and programmes

TFG group image2Forton Group Students and Tutors

15 years of better leadership

The Forton Group was founded in 2002, in the UK, by Helen Caton Hughes (2nd from left, above) and now co-owned by her and Bob Hughes (back row, right).

Our people

We work with partners around the globe: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, the Middle East and North and South America.

Accredited and Evidence-based Leadership Development


HR Training Award