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August 2017

Our masterclasses are for leaders, leadership coaches, trainers and those responsible for developing leaders in organisations.  Each masterclass has a different focus, all led by experts in their field, for your professional learning & development

"I'm very glad I signed up and its been a great privilege..." Su Kingsley - STRAD Consulting

Build your professional business with confidence

  • Find out what works in your target market
  • Raise your profile and build your successful business - with ease
  • Avoid expensive and time-wasting pitfalls
  • Share your challenges with like-minded people in a small group

These business building masterclasses are for people wishing to promote, market and sell their services, whether inside an organisation - raising your profile and becoming more influential and achieving buy-in from internal customers - or in the open market, attracting and retaining new customers.

Each business is unique and every business owner has their own vision; however, there are many issues that are common to all.  You can speed up your business development by sharing and learning from what works across different business sectors - and apply your intelligence to select what's right for you.

Ten 90-minute modules

  • Long enough to really address business building in depth
  • Short enough for you to go out and take action to build your service.
  • You will have exclusive, member-only access to a range of tools to support your business growth
  • Expect to take on pre-work and high performance challenges. 

Click on the image on the right to see the range of topics we'll cover together.

What will you achieve?

We don't promise 'instant results' or 6-figures incomes in 90 days - we don't believe those statements are realistic. 

What we do know is that former students have

  • Built their business confidence - in some cases from scratch
  • Created an authentic brand for their business - based on their values
  • Identified their target market
  • Increased their sales - through an authentic selling method
  • Learned the business basics - that really make a differences
  • Thrived in a challenging economic environment

Find out what business development skills you need most:

Take our complimentary self-assessment to see if this programme is right for you: click here

What to expect

#1 Induction – What Business are you in?
#2 Learning to Love Business Building
#3 The Building Blocks of growing a coaching practice
#4 Building a Website Part 1 – what it really takes
#5 Building a website – Part II: getting to launch
#6 Admin & Logistics of building your business
#7 The Business Case for Coaching
#8 Materials Creation
#9 Your Coaching Chemistry Session
#10 Building Business Partnerships

There's also be pre-work before and assignments after every session

For Current Programme Dates look at our calendar of events

Led by

Chartered Marketer and Professional Leadership Coach, Helen Caton Hughes MA, PCC, CEO, the Forton Group

Helen is a highly experienced coach and has built her own global leadership development business

Fantastic value

Many business building courses pack the class with people and deliver few practical outcomes. We limit the class numbers to 10 people - from a mix of business backgrounds.

You can buy into the set of 10 sessions, or try out a single session for just £20

Master Classes - per le persone impegnate per lo sviluppo professionale

Allenatori e mentori di supporto ad altri di essere leader e manager di successo . Sviluppate le vostre capacità professionali agli standard ICF o equivalenti ; ottenere ore di CEU o CPD.

  • Imprenditori e titolari di imprese commerciali che vogliono far crescere il loro business professionale e utilizzare tecniche di coaching per sostenere la loro crescita con successo altri leader
  • Leader e manager in grandi aziende , pubblica amministrazione , enti di beneficenza , fondazioni e imprese sociali . Crescere le vostre capacità di leadership e di applicare le vostre abilità di coaching sul posto di lavoro
  • Professionisti che commissionano executive coaching e supportano lo sviluppo di altri - OD , HR & L & D
  • Per gli studenti - iscritti a qualsiasi livello nel programma di formazione Coach Leadership Professionale

Flussi Masterclass correnti

  •    Live Coaching & Etica
  •    Transformational Strumenti Coaching
  •    Leadership Book Club
  •    Gruppo Pullman Mentoring / Supervisione

Le nostre masterclass sono moduli nel nostro programma di formazione Coach accreditati. Facilitato da alti allenatori - Tutti i membri della nostra Facoltà e accreditato dalla International Coach Federation.

Masterclasses for leaders, managers and coaches who to explore, discuss and apply the learning from today's best authors on leadership and coaching.


Share your ideas on leadership with fellow coaches, leaders and managers. 


  •    Teleclass format - phone in at local dial-in rates - from around the world
  •     Led by Bob Hughes PCC, Chairman, The Forton Group
  •     International Coach Federation Accredited

Find out about the leadership book club on slideshare

<iframe src="http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/15576318?rel=0" width="427" height="356" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" style="border:1px solid #CCC;border-width:1px 1px 0;margin-bottom:5px" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen> </iframe> <div style="margin-bottom:5px"> <strong> <a href="http://www.slideshare.net/helenrcaton/the-leadership-book-club-15576318" title="The leadership book club" target="_blank">The leadership book club</a> </strong> from <strong><a href="http://www.slideshare.net/helenrcaton" target="_blank">helenrcaton</a></strong> </div>

Team-Coach Training: Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Team-Coaching

Accredited by the International Coach FederationForton's Team-coach training, accredited by the International Coach Federation

  • 35 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCEs) as a standalone programme
  • or an elective module in the Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme

What this programme includes:

1.    Online Pre-work including a self-assessment with all participants to get us into ‘team’ mode – this mimics the diagnostic tools you might use in a team-coaching assignment

“The online learning centre is characteristic of everything I've experienced with the Forton Group, it's extremely well thought out, amazingly rich in content and value, and unselfishly focused on ensuring the client has the best possible learning experience and opportunity to succeed.”

2.    Pre-course teleconference –

  • we’ll get together for a ‘meet and greet’ induction call
  • We explore designing measurable outcomes for the team-coaching assignment

3.    2 days in-person (Bologna, Italy in January 2015, and Horwood House near Milton Keynes in July 2015) –

  • We explore leadership, team working methods, ‘what teams do’
  • We applying our coaching skills in the diverse situations that arise

4.    3 x follow up teleconferencesForton's team-coach training

  • Supporting learning and application 
  • Group supervision and mentoring

5. Masterclasses:

  • Coaching Tools: the different diagnostic tools for team-coaching assignments, and other coaching tools and methods
  • Ethics: personal, professional and coaching ethics, including the UK and US bribery acts

6.    Online learning modules

  • You complete each module at your own pace
  • Each module has a short quiz to ensure you’ve absorbed the learning as you go along


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