The Forton Global Footprint Project

In a rapidly-changing world, excellence will always stand out. Here at Forton we work with partners who deliver our programmes, and qualified associates, located around the world, all committed to professional excellence.  When relevant work opportunities arise, we put forward names and details of suitably-qualified coaches, consultants, faciliators and trainers, as part of the bid process.

Our Global Footprint Programme serves global customers seeking high-quality professionals for leadership development projects.  Associates also come to us with bid opportunities and we pro-actively support you to be successful in these.

Our core value is mutual prosperity:

  • That, as independent partners, we can grow our businesses and work well together as professionals
  • That our clients, by working with Forton Associates, can be more successful as a result

          "...excellent and life changing as with all my interactions with the Forton Group.  Well thought out, well put together."               

Nothing in life is guaranteed, including winning work for all our Associates.  However we do commit to being active in our search for work, to being open and transparent about opportunities and their likelihood of success, and to being realistic about what you can expect.

our standards

We're committed to high quality standards in the Associates who work with us, and in our name.  Our standards are built on a foundation of key requirements of all associates

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  1. Relevant education and/or training
  2. Membership of relevant professional organisations
  3. Sufficient experience, or skills application, either as an employee or independent professional
  4. Continuing professional development (CPD), also known as continuing education
  5. Openness to feedback, oversight and support when delivering services
  6. High standards of customer care and professionalism in handling client situations

Download a copy of our standards here

becoming an associate

Potential Associates are invited on personal recommendation.  If we think we're right for each other, we ask you to complete our skills & experience inventory (an online questionnaire).  The Inventory is our way of capturing all of your current expertise and, as your career grows and develops, you can update the details at any time.

We'll also ask you forBob Hughes with GSO Partners

  • A CV/Bio and a picture
  • A one-page summary of key points
  • The process is summarised on the attached flow chart

The Inventory captures the detailed information that helps our clients understand what makes you uniquely right for their assignment.  It’s also a way of being consistent in our global standards – based on the questions clients typically ask about our coaches, consultants, facilitators and trainers.  Please refer to the Associate Checklist for the detail in the Inventory - if you'd like to check before you start.

the inventory

In case you've come to this page first, and you want to go to the Inventory now, click here to start the process.  You'll need your personal email - the one that led you here - in front of you to follow the steps. Or you can download the directions, here.  If you have any registration problems, please contact Cynthia Calluori, our Global Registrar at 

You can complete the inventory a piece at a time.  Just save as you go along.  When you're ready to send it, press submit.  We recommend you keep a record of your responses for future updates.  And, every time you do some more training or gain an accreditation, you can update it at your convenience.

your welcome pack includes -

  • A copy of Framework Agreement for you to sign
  • Our referrals document - should you wish to refer someone to one of our programmes, or partner with us in a bid
  • Data protection and privacy statement - we're based in Europe and privacy standards here are very particular
  • A copy of the data we hold, for you to update if anything changes

We'll also keep in touch with you from time to time with any updates, events and other useful information.  You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us at

Working for a world of more abundant leadership, through mutual prosperity for people and planet.

Award-winning, accredited programmes

  • Delivers lasting bottom line benefits: increased sales, cost improvements/ avoidance
  • HR cost benefits: Reduced recruitment costs; better retention rates; lower churn; higher quality succession
  • Operational benefits: Health & safety; regulation and conduct compliance; performance and productivity

my360plus - the unique online 360 feedback and development tool

  • Evidence-based high-performance
  • Online feedback and downloadable reports
  • Year-long membership
  • Ongoing feedback from the network
  • Ability to show ROI

People, leadership and teamwork benefits

  • Increased engagement, better buy-in to change
  • Improved working relationships, higher performance

Accredited Coach Training Programmes

Award-winning people and programmes

TFG group image2Forton Group Students and Tutors

20+ years of better leadership

The Forton Group was founded in 2002, in the UK, by Helen Caton Hughes (2nd from left, above) and now co-owned by her and Bob Hughes (back row, right).

Our Core Value: Mutual Prosperity

Whether it's working with our customers, our partners or our 200-strong group of Faculty and Associates, what matters to us is the win-win.  Prosperity not just as monetary wealth, but the fulfilment and satisfaction of developing leaders to be at their best.

Our people

We work with specialist HR, OD and L&D expert partners around the globe: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, the Middle East and North and South America.

Accredited and Evidence-based Leadership Development


HR Training Award

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Established in 2002, the Forton Group has offices on four continents. 

The Forton Group: working for a world of more abundant leadership, through mutual prosperity.

Our Principals

Helen Caton Hughes, MA, DipM, PCC, Managing Director

  • Helen's background is as a company director and consultant specialising in organisational development, working for a range of international corporations, government and not-for-profit organisations, especially with senior leaders.

Bob Hughes, PCC, Chief Executive Officer

  • Bob is a leadership development specialist, experienced leadership coach and people manager, highly respected on both sides of the Atlantic, with a successful track record in people motivation and project delivery over the last 25 years. 

Cynthia Calluori PCC, Regional Director, North America

  • Cynthia is the leaders' coach, highly regarded by her peers and clients. More than 20,000 organisational leaders worldwide have participated in coach training under her guidance. Cynthia is also the Forton Group's Director of Faculty and Programmes

Dr Tony Draper MCC, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific

  • Tony combines his solid 24-years' business experience inside multi-nationals, with the best coaching models; he has a passion for working with clients who want to develop their organisation and increase performance. 

Find out more

Find out more about our business partners around the world, here

Find out more about our professional consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators.

Read our vision, mission and values. 

30 professionals| 11 locations | 8 languages | training tens of thousands of executive coaches world-wide

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Forton's status as an Accredited Coach Training Programme, means that Faculty members' experience and background are submitted to the nternational Coach Federation (ICF) as part of the rigorous re-accreditation process.Faculty members have professional expertise as Consultants, Coaches and Trainers. Selected for their corporate experience and expertise, they deliver coaching skills training and coach-supervision to ICF standards. Faculty members trained and accredited as Coach-supervisors and mentors are noted

North America

Cynthia Calluori

Cynthia Calluori PCC* Cynthia is Regional Director, North America. One of the world's most experienced coach-trainers, Cynthia Calluori is the leader's coach read more...

Cat WillifordCat Williford MCC* Cat has a conscious, balanced approach to life combining her creative background with coaching skills and business sense as Coach, Keynote Speaker and Trainer.  read more...

Pamela Richarde

Pamela Richarde MCC* An experienced leader and executive coach, Pamela brings a combination of results-oriented pragmatism, intuition, business experience, compassion, humour and an insatiable curiosity.  read more...

Pierre CapistranPierre Capistran PCC Pierre is a result-oriented coach, trainer and consultant. He excels at managing complexity and coaching his teams and his customers through impossible challenges.  read more...

Michel DaigleMichel Daigle PCC  Michel is a Workplace Human Development Coach and Facilitator.  He helps organisations across Canada, the United States and Europe, identify key human capital development parameters and assists in the implementation of human performance solutions.  read more...

Hubert DaneauHubert Daneau PCC Hubert is a Seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Director. He is well known for his enthusiasm and his keen interest in the success of his clients’ efforts.  read more...

Darlene SheltonDr. Darlene Shelton is a Licensed Psychologist and Coach, who provides coaching, facilitation and counselling support.  A peer-reviewed author and lecturer, Dr. Darlene has been honoured by the White House for her work with disadvantaged multicultural communities and is cited in multiple volumes of Marquis’ Who’s Who.  read more...

UK, Middle East and Africa

Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes PCC* Bob is CEO, The Forton Group, with a successful 30 year track record in leadership, people motivation and project delivery.    read more...

Helen Caton HughesHelen Caton Hughes MA, PCC, DipM* A Marketer and Professional Leadership Coach, Trainer & Supervisor, Helen is known for her inspirational and practical leadership development. read more...

Hilary OliverHilary Oliver PCC* Hilary is an executive, business and leadership development coach, supporting the business and personal growth of managing directors and their teams. read more...

Sukhy BainsSukhy Bains PCC* Sukhy is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team.  Sukhy is a leadership coach and coach trainer with a track record in coaching business leaders and delivering workshops.   read more...

Rosemary Cooper-ClarkRosemary Cooper-Clark PCC Rosemary has an MBA and a 20 year track record in consulting and leadership coaching in London and across the UK. Read more...

Gill BestGill Best PCC Gill is a Career, Executive, and Business Coach and a certified NLP Practitioner.  She has an MSc in Organisational Development and a wealth of businesss experience.  Read more...

Delbar Niroushak webDr. Delbar Niroushak. Delbar has extensive experience in organisational development, leadership and business coaching and training in CBT, Enneagram Read more...


Tony DraperTony Draper PhD, MCC* Tony is Regional Director, The Forton Group Asia-Pacific.  Tony combines his solid business acumen with the best coaching models to support the delivery of sustainable solutions to his clients.  read more...

Robyn FreshwaterRobyn Freshwater PCC*  Robyn’s coaching effectiveness comes from a combination of a passion to support people to become better leaders, managers and team members read more...

Yvonne McLeanYvonne McLean PCC* Yvonne is a member of Forton's Global Professional Coach Training and Coach Mentoring Team, based in New Zealand.  Yvonne brings more than 20 years’ experience as a lawyer and senior executive with experience of working in the UK, Germany and New Zealand read more...

Sharon HonnerSharon Honner ACC*  Combining her energy and 20 years’ people development experience, Sharon partners with clients to explore and deepen their knowledge to act effectively in teams, as leaders and managers. read more...

Melinda HortonMelinda Horton ACC Melinda develops leaders and workplace teams who strive to deliver outside their ‘norms' to achieve their goals.  read more...

Jeanette Long ACC                       Biography information coming soon



simona alini

Simona Alini PCC has extensive professional experience in Executive Coaching, Team and Group Coaching, Change Management, Organisational Human resources strategy, objectives, policies and programs. Read more

Elisa Abadessa web2

Elisa Abbadessa PCC is the Head of the Elan Coaching School, Italy and a member of the Forton Faculty.  Read more

Alessia Correa8x10

Alessia Correa works as Executive and Team Coach (PCC ICF) and trainer focusing on leadership development, implementing cultural change programs for corporations, in Italy and Spain.  Read more...


Emre KonukEmre Konuk PCC     Biography information coming soon


Zeynep KilicSaadet Zeynep Ertekin Biography information coming soon


Aysegul HorozogluAyşegül Horozoğlu Enkavi Biography information coming soon



Our International Business Partners and Associates

We work across cultures and in many languages - wherever you are.  Contact our international offices here.  

  • Coaches: executive, leadership, career, placement & performance coaching
  • Mentors: your career development, their expertise
  • Consultants: subject-experts on leadership, communications and change
  • Trainers & facilitators: for individuals, groups & teams

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