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We're working for a world of more abundant leadership, through mutual prosperity - for people and planet.

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Excellence in leadership coaching

In 2000 Forton created the first leadership coaching education programme accredited by the International Coaching Federation in 2002.  Founded by Helen Caton Hughes PCC, Forton is a female led, inclusive organisation (70% female owned).

We saw the need for a coaching style of leadership taking into account the complex nature of organisations and the pressures placed on leaders and managers in today's volatile and challenging world. 


Elements of our approach include:

  • The International Coaching Federation Competency frameworks for individual and team coaching
  • The global VUCA framework impacting on organisations (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)
  • The Schroder High-performance behaviour framework for better leadership and management
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace for individuals, teams and culture
  • The need for positive employee engagement, diversity and inclusion
  • Whole systems thinking

Our programmes are evidence-based, focused on what works and makes a difference in leadership development and coaching.

Our learning philosophy: abundant leadership

We develop leadership and executive coaches to a professional standard, and support leaders and managers themselves to adopt a more coach-like approach to leadership.

Coaching has proven itself in terms of effectiveness and today is one of the growth areas in personal, professional and organisational development.  We are proud to be a part of that growth.


Today we deliver coaching programmes around the world, both in person and virtually, in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Georgian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Our online learning centre means that we combine self-paced learning with highly-engaging, interactive live sessions.

Our goal is to create a world of abundant leadership, where peoples' talents and potential are recognised and truly valued.


Our programmes

We offer three levels of training, all part of the 'Professional Leadership Coach' programme: foundational, levels 1 and 2

For Continuing Professional Development we additionally offer 'CCEs' - Continuing Coach Education units

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The ICF set out a standard for accredited programmes, which blend live and self-paced learning, skills practise, observation and mentoring. To understand what you can expect from a Forton Coaching programme, download your learning journey.

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 Title  Level Learning
 Description Trains to:   
Ignite       Foundational Workshop   17  Leadership Coaching Model, Principles, Skills and Steps for all students.  Foundational Coaching Skills*


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Manager as Coach  Level 1 Programme  60  Equipping managers to be more coach like, giving constructive feedback and developing teams  ICF 'Associate Certified Coach' (ACC) credential level
Certified Leadership Coach  Level 1 Programme  60  Suitable for in-house coaches and those looking to develop a coaching practise  ICF 'Associate Certified Coach' (ACC) credential level 
Professional Leadership Coach  Level 2  125  Suitable for those seeking a professional qualification with optional advanced modules  ICF 'Professional Certified Coach' (PCC) credential level 
 Students can choose from one of the follow modules to complete their PCC level training:  
 Advanced Modules  Level 2 Learning
Description  Trains to:  ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential level
Hero's Journey  Requires prior training to ACC level   65 Coaching skills for change & transformation and coaching to PCC levels  
 PLC learning journey draft web
Team Coaching  60 Discover and deepen your team coaching skills through this engaging and highly interactive programme.
Coach Mentor/Supervisor  53 Skills for offering coach mentoring and supervision services to individuals and groups
Mastery in Leadership Coaching   Advanced skills for leadership coaches exploring leadership behaviours and how to coach for them
   CCEs Hours     Trains to Certificate in Mentor Coaching and Supervision
 Coach Mentor/Supervisor  Requires ACC credential (renewed at least once) as minimum. 
Or PCC credential
 40 CCEs

Skills for offering coach mentoring and supervision services to individuals and groups.

Offers 40 CCEs and a further 15 learning hours.

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  AATC  Hours    Trains to Advanced Accredited Team Coach Credential

 Team Coaching

 Requires prior coach training and experience of group facilitation or team building  60  Discover and deepen your team coaching skills through this engaging and highly interactive programme.  findoutmore AATC

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*NB foundational and level 1 programmes can be upgraded if further modules are started within 3 years.

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