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Develop high-performing, purpose-led inclusive teams

Effective team coaching and ICF-accredited training for successful team coaching from Forton Coaching

Team coaching is powerful in many situations: embedding culture and purpose, and further developing well performing teams.  Team coaching supports the people part of successful change, and addresses complex challenges teams face. 

Team Coaching Services

"I can't put my finger on it, but..."

When pressures build up and team dynamics shift, standard ways of leading don’t always work - and, from the inside the team, it's hard to address.  

Some things are beyond the control of the leader and the team - even planned change can have unintended consequences.

New models and methods are needed, for leadership and for the team working together to reflect and co-create a cohesive way forward.

Our team coaches are selected for their expertise and world-class coaching skills.

​They blend coaching for high-performance behaviours and emotional intelligence to unlock potential and uncover fresh insights.

They are supervised, accredited and share a wider coaching community. This means quality assurance for our clients.

Top performing teams outperform average ones by 42%, yet the solutions aren't just about performance

The five key impacts of an investment in team coaching:

  1. High performing teams outperform average ones by 42%
  2. Purpose-led Leadership: all teams benefit from leaders who communicate purpose
  3. Inclusive: high-performing teams tap into, embrace and celebrate the strengths of every team member
  4. Engaging: motivated teams target, create and measure success
  5. Talent: team coaching identifies and develops peoples' potential

Diagram of The Forton Coaching Team Coaching method

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Team Coach Training

Practical, relevant and accredited programmes: for team leaders and managers, coaches, trainers and facilitators. 

Team-coaching skills will impact on the five key areas, and can make a positive difference to any team. 

95% of organisations have plans to introduce team coaching - now is the time to build on peoples' existing coaching, training and facilitation skills. 

Discover and deepen team coaching skillsLogo Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching

We run fully-ICF accredited Team Coaching programmes in-house and at open events.

Delivered virtually, or in-person at our international centres by our expert Faculty. 

Our dedicated Learning Centres adds valuable self-paced online learning.

Fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation: "Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching".

What participants say:

"Thank you for the excellent learning experience with you over the past six months.
The most impactful part of the experience was the team coaching learning experience itself along with the feedback and mentoring received." 

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Explore, understand and build proficiency these team coaching topics, and more:

  • Definitions of team coaching
  • International Coaching Federation Competences
  • The role of leaders and leadership
  • Team roles in change and transformation
  • Team coaching and emotional intelligence
  • High performance behaviours
  • Unlocking resources and resourcefulness