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Team Coach Education for experienced coaches | dates | details | find out more

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This practical, relevant programme, is valuable to team leaders and managers, coaches, trainers and facilitators

Why? Top performing teams outperform average ones by 42%, yet the solutions aren't just about performance

Over the years we’ve noticed five key impacts of an investment in team coaching:

  1. Performance: high performing teams outperform average ones by 42%
  2. Leadership: high-performing teams benefit from good leadership
  3. Diversity: high-performing teams tap into, embrace and celebrate the strengths of every team member
  4. Engagement: it’s vital that everyone feels they can buy in to shared success
  5. Talent: team coaching helps identify and develop peoples' potential

Your team-coaching skills will impact on these five areas, and can make a positive difference to any team.

95% of organisations have plans to introduce team coaching  - here's your opportunity to build on your existing coaching, training and facilitation skills. Discover and deepen your team coaching skills through this engaging and highly interactive programme.

Explore these topics:

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  • Definitions of team coaching
  • International Coaching Federation Competences
  • The role of leaders and leadership
  • Team roles in change and transformation
  • Team coaching and emotional intelligence
  • High performance behaviours
  • Unlocking resources and resourcefulness

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Team-coach training methods

Delivered virtually, or in-person at our international centres, combined with a blend of live teleconferences and online learning at your own pace, through our dedicated Learning Centre and run by our Faculty around the world.

Your choice of development level

1. Certified Team Coach - achieved on completion of the training programme

2. Advanced Team Coach Practitioner - awarded following successful assignment and personal supervision

Fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation

All Forton workshops, programmes and teleclasses are part of the Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme, accredited by the International Coach Federation as an 'Accredited Coach Training Program'.

The Forton Team Coach Training programme provides a total of 42 hours (30 hours in part one) learning.