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Carola Bennion

Carola Bennion

As a consultant Carola is frequently engaged to facilitate change management, service transformation and strategic development, and brings a passion for supporting outcome focused ways of thinking and working. Carola believes that the success of organisations is down to the people who work in them and regularly facilitates workshops for clients at all levels throughout organisations and across agencies, helping them to develop a common language, vision and strategic direction, identify what is holding them back, and building high performing teams and multi-agency partnerships.
She takes a strengths based approach in supporting people to develop their capacity for leadership, and lead change in an effective and emotionally intelligent way. Her coaching approach is direct, honest and encouraging, and her warm and open approach enables her to establish trust quickly.  She is perceptive and insightful, with a talent for clarifying complexity.

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Carola coaches in English.

Specialist Areas

Organisational Change; Developing Effective and Authentic Leadership Styles; Performance Improvement; ‘First 100 Days’ New Role Coaching Career Progression; Self-awareness and Professional Development.

Corporate Experience

Carola is a professional coach and consultant with over twenty five years’ experience working across the public and voluntary sectors and the international development and humanitarian community. She is highly effective at both national and local level and in particular, has worked with children and young people’s services for many years. Carola has strong organisational and leadership skills, a keen sense of strategic direction, and a rapid grasp of issues.   She has supported numerous local areas with organisational development and change management and to find solutions and develop good practice. She is experienced in coaching at senior and middle management level in the context of organisational change.  She coaches both individuals and whole teams, supporting self-awareness and professional development, relationship building and a clear sense of direction.


2008 - Diploma in Professional Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation
2009 to present - Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
1986 - MSc. Social Research, Surrey University
1978 - BA Hons. English Studies, Nottingham University