About this leadership blog

Here at the Forton Group we support leaders to develop and be the best they can. The people we work with are truly great leaders – inspired and inspiring; determined and challenging – with the vision to create a difference in their world, despite the current climate.

We want to write about leadership; what leaders are achieving, from our perspective and in their own words.  What I know about great leaders is that they tend to take their own achievements for granted; they may even feel embarassed by what I say about them.  Like you and me, they’re not perfect, so given that, let’s showcase them and see what happens.

This blog is about you, the reader, too.  What leadership are you seeing in the world around you? Who inspires and moves you to achieve in your own life?  And what is it about the people you know that puts them in that class we call ‘leaders’?

You can tell we’re not talking about position in an organisation or hierarchy.  Not that being at the head of an organisation or major department isn’t a challenge worthy of respect.  The good news is that there are plenty of people to write about those leaders.  What we’re talking about is leading from where we are – right now – and about supporting others to be the best they can.

The Forton Group’s definition of leadership is about being personally successful and enabling success in others – it operates in the personal domain, in teams and organisations and in society.

So again we offer you a warm welcome.  Please do contribute by telling us about the leadership you’re noticing and the impact it’s having in your part of the world.  Let me know if there’s a subject or area you’d like us to shine a spotlight on – and let’s get a discussion going.

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