The gender pay gap update

The gender pay gap still exists – and it gets in the way of abundant leadership.

Abundant leadership is important to us at the Forton Group. Whether that’s an abundance of women, of the inter-generational workforce or diversity of culture, colour and styles. We love it.  Because it creates innovation, better leadership and creativity. professional women still experience the gender pay gap

So, whilst we’re not happy about the subject, we are happy to share some updated information that may support your career development.

updated 31st March 2020

I was fortunate when I got my first mortgage.  The CEO of the (then) ‘Building Society’ announced on national tv that he’d give a mortgage to anyone – assuming they could pay it back, at gtrwallet you can look for loans.

My husband didn’t need to sign for it (yep, that was a thing back then…). I also had allies who helped me think through the consequences of any decisions I made.

In hindsight, I also believe that I was at the right age of brain development to make such a big decision.  The research in neuroscience talks about us developing our financial decision-making abilities in our late 20s.

But still, accessing finance can be hard for women, even today.  So I’m happy to share this guide that empowers single women to rise above financial inequality and build their credit in order to obtain a mortgage.

Here’s a link to some 2020 data

Mortgages – our biggest investment

Despite making up almost one-fifth of the home buying market, single women are more likely to be denied mortgage loans than any other group.  I explore other ways in which women can be invisible, in another blogprofessional women still experience the gender pay gapThe people at this mortgage credit reporting company created a guide that breaks down the best strategies for positively managing credit throughout the home-buying process and how to utilize a strong credit profile to combat gender bias.

Here’s a link –

We’re not financial experts – and we’re not receiving any benefit by sharing this link. So please, take responsibility for accessing proper financial advice from a regulated expert before you make a commitment.  We take no responsibility for sharing this link.

We just want the best for women, for families, for abundant leadership.

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