The Four Global Leadership Challenges

The recent International Leadership Association (ILA) conference in Brussels really was stimulating.  It was great to be in the company of people – and organisations – who understand the magnitude and importance of better leadership development.

My contribution was a chapter in the ILA’s latest book – Breaking the Zero Sum Game: Transforming Societies Through Inclusive Leadership – and talking to people about our ‘leadership routemap’ as a way of supporting peoples’ engagement in their leadership development.

One of the keynote speakers and the expert Ritu Bhasin, General Petraeus, summarised the four global disruptive challenges we face as:

  • Energy
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences

Leading an action learning set yesterday, for experienced managers, I challenged them to think about the personal and organisational culture changes impacted by this disruption.

One member retold a situation involving 3D printers and how that’s transforming their organisation.  We looked at the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘who’ factors, even exploring the implications for this business’s suppliers.

What came through most clearly is the enhanced role these changes bring for technical experts.  Often people who’ve operated happily in their own field, are now expected to step forward into leadership across the organisation.

We explored the difference between project management (the ‘what’ and the ‘how’) and the impacts on people (the ‘who’) and what that means for leadership.

  • Leaders need to feel confident in ‘biting the bullet’ and making decisions; having the courage to make change based on evidence, not gut feel.
  • Team members need to feel involved in decisions and believe that their contribution is recognised and valued
  • Their talent needs to be harnessed – easy to do when managers blend coaching and leadership with management

Technical experts are particularly hard to retain if they don’t feel recognised.  They also need support to develop their leadership skills, not just their technical strengths.

We develop confident leaders and support managers to bring out the best in technical experts.

The coaching approach enables smart managers to bring out the best in people – to lead with presence whilst empowering others.  Managers who run teams this way get more done, feel more confident and achieve higher engagement scores. When true leaders learn how to develop their team, people really feel they have buy-in.  They are better able to contribute directly; to deliver in the best possible way.

There’s a proven way to get team members behind the manager, the vision and the mission, at the same time as coming up with their own ways to achieve it. Our accredited training has supported the development of some of the world’s greatest business leaders in organisations like Shell, BT, Network Rail, the NHS and many more around the world. It’s proven in the classroom and in practice. I see the dramatic improvements our coaching approach makes across organisations, measurable and visible on the bottom line.

People come for the process, but stay because they are engaged by the nuances of blending leadership, coaching and management.

The evidence for our successful approach comes from client organisations, from independent bodies like Gallup, and from academic institutions. It works at all levels of an organisation, in all industries and countries. And believe me, I’m not sensationalising here – leadership coaching rather than just ‘managing’ is globally effective – because though cultures differ, human nature doesn’t.

And in disruptive times, when leaders need to feel competent and confident, our flexible approach is a great fit.

The first step in this transformation is by learning tried and tested leadership coaching methods to put this approach into practice effectively. We run a course called Ignite, which lasts for 2 days. The next one is available in the UK on 27th/28th of November this year, or 29th/30th January 2018.

You can try us out by booking a place on our public courses, or bringing our approach in-house for 6 people or more.

If you have a duty to manage others or indeed, oversee those who manage, Ignite makes life easier.  Your managers will boost staff engagement, get results and shape a cohesive team, with fewer conflicts and lower churn.

If you’d like to know more, just call or email to speak to arrange a conversation.

Class sizes are limited to protect the learning experience of each person, so if you’d like to be on November or January’s course, you’ll need to book soon, or show interest today by contacting us direct.

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