Coach training for experienced coaches: the Forton difference

If, like me, you’re an experienced coach working with executives and leaders in corporate settings, you may be wondering why you need to invest in specific leadership coaching training. Of course, you may be about to renew your credentials, which is a great reason to do this!

Here at The Forton Group, we provide a wide range of flexible ways of getting the CCEUs and supervision hours you require for ICF renewal.

But what’s different about leadership coaching, why should you add it to your kitbag and why The Forton Group?

It’s quite challenging for me to be controversial.  I truly love and respect the coaching community.

But I feel this needs to be said –

·         Performance coaching is not leadership coaching

  • Coaching isn’t about solving problems or even about ‘helping’ people to solve problems
  • Coaching is not a mystical or mysterious art we need to keep hidden to retain our credibility

Performance coaching is just a temporary fix.  It doesn’t get to the heart and soul of leadership.

Leadership coaching is about developing people and teams.  Of creating strategic learning.  And, of building the ‘double loop’ of personalised learning.

Here at Forton we passionately believe that coaching shouldn’t be mysterious.  Coaching isn’t magical or mystical.

The Wizard of Oz was more plausible when the curtain came down.  Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow stopped being scared and witless, and discovered their true strengths. They’d already performed – now they were learning about why they performed.

Our approach to leadership coaching is strengths-based.  It’s pragmatic and down to earth.  We’re open with our clients on how we operate, what we’re doing and why

Yet it also gets to the deep inner core of peoples’ purpose.  It really supports people to lead, to succeed and achieve in their terms.

And we’re fully focused on coaching principles.  Exploring possibility – and making that possibility a reality – is at the heart of what we do as leadership coaches.

And it certainly stirs coaches’ passions!

“Thank you again for the amazing Ignite programme.  It certainly lived up to its billing and a lot, lot more.”

Alistair Nee, Executive Coach

 Developing the team is a crucial element of being a leader and our very first module, Ignite, supports leaders and coaches from the outset. You could choose to do that programme and gain an overview of our model. Or, come on one of the other modules, each of which has deep dives into topics such as emotional intelligence, identity and beliefs, or the language we hear and use as coaches. The supervisions you need to renew is built into those modules and they can all stand alone, supported by our e-learning products and our video and audio conferencing to back up the classroom experience.

So what is the Forton difference?

Our coaching model is based on six important models of leadership.  On models of organizational behaviour and of team success.  Particularly the need to lead people through change.

For us leadership isn’t just about the leader.  It’s about them developing their people.  About the team being successful; about successful organisations; and a positive impact on society.

And it’s not about having all the answers.  The steps in our coaching conversation model are founded on asking from a truly open and deep place of not-knowing.  Supporting personal and team resourcefulness.  So that leaders can go on their leadership journey, fully-equipped to lead their people and teams.

All of these elements.  Not just one or the other.

We’re about applied leadership.  What works in practice.  And how coaching individuals and teams can make a difference to what leaders are expected to deliver every day.  From supervisors to the Board Room.

And we offer a method that works in many situations from improving leadership communications to having conversations that other coach-training programmes label as ‘difficult’.

We pack in emotional intelligence, whole systems thinking and other key coaching tools into our 4 modules.  And we work with experienced coaches to discover how our programme can complement their existing learning.  Not work against it.

Our Track Record

We’ve trained technical experts in our model, as well as HR professionals, Learning & Development specialists, and CEOs.  We also work with future leaders: people with talent, and apprentices.

“I would strongly recommend the Forton Coaching Program to anyone who wants to see tangible results in the way things get done at the workplace. It opened up a new dimension to the way I engage with leaders and managers. The coaching methodology presented was so simple and practical that it only accentuated my natural style of communication.”

Sharon Deniz, VP Talent Management, Tata Sky, India

 The Forton Programme is now available in French, Italian, Turkish, as well as English, with Spanish coming soon.  We deliver our programmes around the world, as well as through an English virtual programme.

The Forton model is intellectually stimulating, emotionally satisfying and easy to put into practice.  We support our in-person programmes with distance learning, and action learning through video conferencing.  This means that people are supported to apply the learning, and to explore the ideas behind the Forton model at their own pace.

I have explored many coaching models and it is without doubt the best…”

Ann Terry, Certified Leadership Coach

 And you get peace of mind from knowing that, whether you work with us for an hour or a year, Forton offers nearly 600 hours of live interaction, accredited by the International Coach Federation, as an ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Programme). You can select the right combination for your personal needs and we’ll tailor the package to suit

So whether you’re looking to renew your existing credential, or take the next step in your journey towards mastery, you can be sure that we’ve got a programme to suit you.

If you want to have a conversation with us about your leadership coaching learning journey, contact us at .  We’ll have a professional conversation about your needs, without the heavy sell.  Or pick up the phone and call 0845 077 2980 #1.

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