Aldo Boitano

Aldo Boitano

Aldo thinks coaching is inherent to mankind, helping others to make their dreams and hopes true as a coach is something he has done intuitively and then formally all his life.
His first and most important job as a coach is to connect with his clients but at the same time not forgetting who he is and what of his extended and broad experience can be respectfully brought in the form of questions to overcome an obstacle or enlighten understanding.

A CEO, University Professor and world class mountaineer, Aldo is driven by seeing “others as legitimate others” (quote form Humberto Maturana) along with a passion for enabling people´s success.

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Aldo coaches in English and Spanish.

Specialist Areas

Leading and forming High Performance Teams, Business Strategic Alignment, Negotiation Skills, Performance Management, Change Management, Conflict Management, Coaching Skills, Communication Skills for Managers, Cultural Diversity.

Corporate Experience

Aldo has 20 years’ experience in top management (14 years as CEO/General Manager), marketing and sales positions with a strong emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship and team work.  He has worked in the Engineering, Consulting, Tourism and Corporate Training sectors, bringing the best out of individuals and teams with a horizontal and empowering leadership style.


2004 - Master in Business Administration degree. University of North Carolina.
2001 - Effective Coaching Certification (Heart of Coaching), Santiago, Chile.
1993 - Master/Major Degree in Industrial Engineer. Graduated with distinction.
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Degree. Graduated with distinction.
Both degrees validated by International Education Evaluation in the US.