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Coach-mentor/supervisor training

The Forton Group is accredited by the International Coach Federation

"Workshop flew by in a flash. So enjoyable.
Thought-provoking & opportunities to practise skills.
Gentle lead-in to main workshop thrust which created a safe environment to pose questions & try things for the 1st time."

Anne Fanning,Psychology for Business Ltd

"I highly recommend this programme to any coaches who want to add Supervision and Mentoring to their services."

Gill Best Caelum Coaching

15 years experience delivering accredited training

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Forton is an experienced, ICF accredited, coach-mentoring and coach-supervision training organisation since 2002.  Learn through in-person or live virtual teleclasses and webinar events from a leader in coach training.  Improve your professionalism and practice.

Increasingly demanded by corporations when commissioning coaching services, training in coach-mentoring and supervision is a natural next step for experienced coaches.   

Coach-mentoring & supervision services

Receiving support and feedback on your own professional practice is a great way to build experience and confidence.  It works well in small groups and 1-1.  Coaches bring a range of topics to these confidential sessions: real-live coaching issues; challenges and concerns; ethical and coaching competences.  

1-1 Coach mentoring and supervision is available from our Faculty and we offer open group events year round.


Forton's coaching supervision training for seasoned coachesYour development

Pride in your professional standards

Raise standards of coaching practice, competences and ethics

  • Enhance personal and professional development 
  • Improve coaching and reflective practice skills
  • Explore typical issues and challenges
  • Focus on executive and leadership coaching

Support others to improve their coaching

  • Give better feedback
  • Understand professional boundaries
  • Emotional awareness and resilience

Gain understanding and confidence to deliver coach-supervision services to fellow professionals.

The Forton Coach-Mentoring and Supervision programme gives you the theoretical understanding, the practical experience and the confidence

Suitable for experienced coaches

"Having had some poor experiences of supervision in the past and also questioning whether supervision, as opposed to mentoring, was appropriate for coaches, the Forton model of coach supervision and mentoring adds real value to both the coach and the supervisor/mentor."

Gill Best Caelum Coaching

Programme details

1. ELearning materials

  • Access your Learning Centre
  • Work through at your own pace
  • Explore models and concepts

2. One-day in-person workshop

  • In-person day in small class sizes
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Review and reflection models & principles

3. Skills development*

  • 5 x 90 minutes sessions
  • Setting up the conversation
  • Agreements

4. Group supervision*

  • 10 x 60 minute sessions
  • Explore coaching challenges in a confidential environment
  • Discuss real life situations

5. Ethics*

  • 6 x 60 minutes by teleclass
  • Discuss case studies and real life ethical issues
  • explore ethics in coaching & the business of coaching

6. 1-1 supervision*

  • 4 x 60 minute private sessions by phone
  • Individual coach-supervision
  • Written feedback to support learning and growth

7. 3 Personal Study Assignments & Support

Students can anticipate spending around 15 hours of self-study per assignment which links learning to application.

*Live virtual learning accessible by phone, skype or online.

Coach-Mentoring & Supervision Training with the Forton GroupDelivery overview

A blend of delivery methods - in-person workshop; group supervision by teleclass/video-conference; 1-1 supervision; distance learning and personal study.  All supported by Senior Faculty Members.  Prices are fully-inclusive of venue costs, refreshments and distance-learning facilities.

Participants will receive

  • Access to Forton's online learning centre
  • All learning materials and handouts
  • In-person, group and private classes to achieve your goals

Evidence of equivalent prior training

We accept evidence of equivalent prior training from coach-specific training programmes for credits against some of these modules. 

Recognised as Continuing Coach Education by the International Coach FederationEarn CCEs with the Forton Coach-Mentoring & Supervision Programme