Corporate Social Responsibility

The Forton Group: working for a world of more abundant leadership, through mutual prosperity - for people and planet.

We believe strongly in mutual prosperity - for everyone - everyday. The Forton Group is committed to supporting a positive impact on society, through the skills we offer, the work we do and the way we interact with our environment. The people who work with us, and the clients we work for, are part of something special. The chance to make a real contribution to the development of a fairer world.

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Organisations we support

Forton Group supports Plan International

Forton Group supports VSO



Forton Group supports Women in Logistics

Projects we support

un logo international day of peace

Forton Group supports tprf peace education programmes 

STA Hedgehog

Forton is a signatory of the Bruxelles, Pledge to Peace, initiative

Mentoring and coaching schemes

The Forton Group supports mentoring schemes that enable people to step up and grow their careers. We also host free training and networking events - in-person and virtually. Our pro-bono coaching schemes are designed to give a hand up, not a 'handout'. We offer 'matched' contribution programmes. This means that our volunteer coaches provide up to 3 hours 1-1 coaching for talented future leaders.

Women in Logistics Forton Group supports Women in Logistics

We also support the Women in Logistics Mentor Scheme - watch the slideshow here.  And we are proud sponsors of the Women in Logistics Diversity Award.

Minimising Our Environmental Impacts

The nature of our work globally involves travel and we do our best to minimise our carbon footprint in five key ways:

  1. By growing local partnerships, and building leadership development capacity in the local area
  2. By using train travel, in preference to car or plane, where practical
  3. By providing services virtually - such as coaching by phone or VOIP, or by introducing accessible new technologies to deliver our training programmes.
  4. By using green technologies wherever possible (such as solar panels and a ground source heat pump for our offices) By offsetting our carbon footprint with local tree planting schemes
  5. By making our service information 'catalogue' available digitally (pdf) from this website 

2017 report: Pledge to Peace

To Percorsi - Pledge to Peace Secretariat

The Forton Group has provided volunteer time to peace education initiatives. Notably the development of Peace Education using high-quality stimulus materials.

The Forton Group also supported the Celebrating the World in London event. Music and inspiration from diverse London communities.  The Keynote Speaker, Prem Rawat also met with a group of people to discuss issues related to peace education, notably around crime prevention and rehabilitation.

Throughout the year Forton supported the establishment and development of the “Kifubon: giving books” project. Details at  

Follow-up activities are also being supported by the Forton Group, specifically with the aim to reach out to more UK prisons to introduce prison peace education programmes (known as ‘PEP’).