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Discover your leadership talent


Forton 4D Model

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Uncover your existing talent and attract the best recruits

We design the best programmes to deliver against your leadership development, transformation and change needs, with tangible ROI. 

Download our white paper on development options for high potential people, or read about ignite leadership/coaching skills for managers.

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Assessment Tools

Select the right tools for the job

♦ Emotional Intelligence
♦ Leadership Profiling & 360o
♦ Personality Profiling
♦ Team Profiling

Assessment/Development Centres

Recruit and promote people and develop high-performers

♦ Values-based recruitment
♦ Planning, decision-making
♦ Leadership, emotional intelligence, teamwork
♦ Oral presentation skills
♦ Observed leadership competencies & skills
♦ Group Exercises

Identify operational values

For better organisation & team development, understand what people really believe and expect. Use independent facilitators to explore - 

♦ Shared values, ideas or concerns
♦ Competencies and expectations

Prepare for change & transformation