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The Forton 4D Model


Forton 4D Model

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Develop your current and future leaders

Grow leadership qualities in your people, teams and groups through off-the-shelf or bespoke learning programmes.  

Internally-assessed or externally verified, we deliver programmes that give your leaders skills, competence and confidence.    

We offer stand-alone workshops; leadership programmes, and integrate with other solutions or providers.  And we can work with your own leadership behavioural or competency frameworks, or offer our own, high performance leadership framework.

These can all be delivered through blended learning options, including in-person, live-online and self-paced online learning.

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Leadership training

Understand the specific skills of leadership

♦ Leadership Behaviours
♦ Leadership Styles
♦ Emotional Intelligence
♦ Change & Transformation
♦ Employee Engagement

Leadership readiness

Prepare for change; deliver effectively; join the board. We develop people for leadership readiness:

♦ Board level behaviours
♦ Employee engagement
♦ Emotional intelligence
♦ Lean Leadership
♦ Leadership Communications

Coaching support

We can support you to build an in-house coaching culture, to underpin your leadership development

♦ Manager as Coach
♦ In-house coach training 
♦ Coach supervision
♦ Coaching Masterclasses