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Deploy and support leaders effectively


Forton 4D Model

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In-post support for individuals and teams for effective delivery and sustained change

Our programmes deliver learning that leaders can apply immediately.  Independent evaluation from the University of Queensland, Australia, also shows that leaders continue to apply and to value their leadership skills long after their Forton learning programme is over.

Better leadership is at the heart of strategic, business and people performance, which typically shows up in employee engagement results. Read the statistics here.

You can improve your bottom-line productivity results, reduce staff costs and waste, by improving employee engagement.  Forton offers 'Engaging Manager' and 'Engaging Leader' programmes to make an immediate impact on staff engagement.

Action Learning

We work with groups and teams to support peer learning, based on real-world work situations.  Suitable for groups of 4 or more, we run this in-person and by phone, skype or other web-based platform for people in the remotest parts of the world.

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1-1 and Team Coaching

To find a qualified and experienced leadership coach, take a look here.

Top performing teams outperform average ones by 42%, get the detail here.

Strategic projects

Talented people benefit from projects that stretch them, both as individuals, and to deliver more effectively as part of a team.  

We support clients to identify and deliver strategic projects through their talent pool and leadership programmes.