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About the Forton Group

Services for tangibly better leadership

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Programmes delivering lasting benefits to

The bottom line:

Increased sales, cost improvements/ avoidance


Increased engagement, better buy-in to change


Cost reductions e.g. recruitment expenses; superior retention rates; fewer talented people leaving; higher quality succession

Operational issues including:

Health & safety; regulation and conduct compliance; performance and productivity

Better leadership

We research, design, run and evaluate leadership development programmes for emerging talent, managers and senior leaders, and accredited coach training programmes for better-quality leadership coaching.The Forton Group, was registered in 2002, in the UK. We now work around the globe: in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, the Middle East and North and South America.

Tangibly-better leadership - what do we mean?



Evidence-based, agile, leadership behaviours


Emotionally-intelligent, consultative and coach-like engaging leadership styles


Situational success in complex contexts: whether it's the leader themselves, their team, the organisation, or in the wider society


Demonstrable, measurable results

We reduce your time, money and effort by prioritising concrete results to deliver tangibly better leadership

  • Our model is underpinned by academic evidence
  • We have a demonstrable track record
  • We prove your programme’s ROI